Support RUF at JSU

RUF at Jackson State exists through the generosity of churches and individuals. Without the ongoing prayers and support, none of what you see the LORD doing on our campus, through RUF, could happen. From the salaries of our staffpersons, the Bibles we give students, the conferences we attend, to the musical equipment we've purchased...every single thing we have and do is the result of a faithful support network. All of your giving is tax-deductible, none of it comes directly to us, is attended to and accounted for by our RUF National Office, and is being used to draw students to Christ and prepare them for a life of loving and serving Him and the world around us.

You can give securely online here.

There you can type in Jackson State University or you also have the option to support any particular intern.

God bless your partnering with us on Jackson State's campus!