How can local churches help RUF?

First of all, it is imperative that the church carry out its covenantal responsibility to edify members of the household of God. During the years when students are largely separated from the influences of home and the local church, the church must fulfill in a special way the vow its members have taken to assist parents in the Christian nurture of their children. The church must go to the campus with a Christian view of God and the world

Second, we must see the University as a mission field. Thousands of students do not know Jesus; we have a unique opportunity to reach these students for Christ and equip them to serve in church. Thousands of lonely international scholars thirst for connection; we can provide hospitality for the sake of the gospel.

Third, if a church is close to a campus, an amazing opportunity exists to love students and assimilate them into the life of the church. Invite students to put their feet under your table, to observe your family, and to see a good marriage. Simply be a friend to a student. 

Fourth, financial support is a major way that the local church can support RUF. The overall budget of RUF is 23 million dollars. If every member of our sending denomination gave $80.00 a year, the ministry would be funded. If every church in our denomination gave just $10.00 per member, our entire operating budget would be funded. This is a small investment for such a great outcome. Right now, RUF is reaching thousands of students on nearly 150 campuses

Lastly, pray for RUF regularly. The campus ministers and interns are doing strategic kingdom work that Satan hates. Pray for their teaching, preaching, and sharing the burdens of students. Pray as they deal with so many idols that have captured the hearts, minds and bodies of students. Pray for our senior staff, that they will pastor all of these people well. Thank the Lord for His covenant faithfulness through RUF.